After more than 30 years of Yoga and Meditation, my perspective has changed in so many ways. Most important was the realization of who I am, the purpose of everything and my relationship to all of it.

I have studied the philosophy of Yoga and Meditation in Buddhism and Hinduism with guidance of great masters that also helped me to remember many aspects of hidden potentials within.

I completed a Meditation teacher training course in U.S.A. with High Honors, earning a diploma as Meditation teacher. I am also a U.S.A. qualified Quantum-Touch practitioner and a UK certified Healing Professional with Distinction. At the moment I study for a diploma as Specialist Counselor in the UK.

The white light of the Creative Source, my guides and angels guide me intuitively, to heal humans, teach and support light-workers, healers and meditators. I am the author of The New Wisdom.

My vision is humanity with a higher consciousness and a planet without war. Love and light!

Nic Kolbe profle
How much light can you hold?
Nic Kolbe

Activate Potentials Within