Do Angels exist?

Angels do exist! They work together in support of humans, e.g., at birth, when passing over, and if we allow it, in many ways during a human life. For instance, they are in the hospital to support when one is having surgery, and they are also with the energy healer when they pour light into the patient.

There is no hierarchy within the angels. Even archangels are not a singular entity, but rather a group energy that is different every time and which is part of the ‘angel-soup’, a part of the whole ‘Creative Soup’. At times, some seem to be more important than others, but that is only a human perception.

Angels look different to every human, since they usually show themselves in a way that is comfortable to the human’s box of beliefs, e.g. with wings or halos. If they were to show themselves in their original form as a radiant ball of light and too bright to look into, most humans would be afraid. That is the reason why when angels appeared to humans in the Holy Scriptures, the first thing they said was: “Do not be afraid!” That said, there is no bad angel that has fallen from grace and is now out to get your soul! That is absolute nonsense and a humanization of God, created by humans to put fear into other humans in order to control them.

There is only one rule about how to interact with angels: free choice on the part of humans. Angels are only allowed to interact with us, if we want it and ask for it!

Do angels become humans and vice-versa? No! Angels and humans are different groups in the soup of creation with different tasks. Humans do not become angels and angels do not incarnate as humans.

There are some beings from other stars on this planet, from societies that have spent more than a million years in an enlightened state. They have a body, but are mostly multi-dimensional. It will be difficult for us to differentiate between these beings and angels.

There is a lot of mythology around, especially with light-workers. Use your spiritual logic to see the truth!

Do Angels exist?

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