The New Age

Many things have been said and written about the New Age. Most of it is misconceived and simply not true, for it originated within the energy of the old, before the energetic shift of the planet in 2012. Because of this, people in some cultures have a bad association with the term “New Age” and some people even believe the “New Ager” to be evil.

Let us clear up the issue with an explanation based on the experience within the New Age. The New Age is the period of time after the energetic shift of 2012. The energetic shift is a galactic event that aligns our planet with the centre of the galaxy in a 36-year period of time at the end of a 26,000-year cycle, the precession of the Equinox. The exact value is 65 Mayan Baktun, which translates to 9,360,000 days or 25,626.81 years.

We moved into this energy 18 years before 2012 and will have this special energy fading out by 2030. To put all of it in a simple picture, one could say that until the end of 2012 the dark was pushing permanently upon us; in 2013 there was a balancing and since the beginning of 2014 the dark-light ratio on this planet has been changing dramatically. This is in favor of everybody working the puzzle of dark and light.

This was human civilization’s fifth attempt to develop from a zero point and to make the shift happen. Four times civilization as such destroyed itself in the past on this planet. Five is the number of change in Tibetan Numerology and this time we did not destroy ourselves but rather decided to upgrade our vibration.

Humanity became aware of the interplay between dark and light more than 50,000 years ago; the Mayans knew about it and kept a calendar of consciousness, which ran out of time on December 12, 2012. Each dispensation of consciousness had a timeframe of about 10,000 years. Our age started approximately 5125 years ago and ended with the precession of the Equinox in 2012.

The universe is more willing than ever to provide synchronicity and beautiful solutions to all problems, if humans choose to open themselves up to it. Light-workers can step out of their protective shell, open up to abundance and be accepted in their community for what they are. There is no reason to be considered weird anymore.

This is the beginning of the age of enlightenment on this planet and some humans will make the best of it, creating beautiful lives for themselves and others, filled with compassion, love and joy.

In the process, light-workers plant the seeds of light and claim their divinity within themselves. The plants will grow slowly and it will take a few generations to see dramatic change in consciousness, with new children being born every day and old energy passing away.

This is the true meaning of the New Age. It is the time that many have been trained for in so many lifetimes, to lead the way with joy, even if the media only shows bad news and people around us tremble and spin in drama, anger and fear. The secret is, to create our own bubble of reality.

The New Age is the time to claim the mastery within and to use an incredible set of new tools that help create a better connection to the Creative Source. Everything changes slowly, and I like to picture it as the moving of Earth through a portal in space – anything that is not based on compassion and integrity will not pass through it. Welcome to the age of a new consciousness of humanity.

The New Age

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