Communication with God

How do you communicate with God? Do you realize that most people on the planet believe you doing it wrong?

We all think we are doing it right, our worship is the right one and since the others are not within our box of belief – they are non-believers, they have to be misguided and wrong, some might even be evil. We have our filters of belief, which are typical to our upbringing in religion and culture. It is the mindset of the old energy before the shift in 2012 and is not valid anymore!

What is the right communication with God? It is the one that works best for you and feels good.

If you are in a culture that is facing a certain direction and it feels good, then do it – it also honors the culture. If you like to practice certain rituals and then feel closer to God, do it.

If you need to have a physical place to worship God or if you do anything else to find God, does not make any difference to God! It makes a difference to you and your life whether you visit God once a week at church or if God is in your life 24/7 and you are in permanent communication with your guides and angels.

This is the teaching of the New Age: It’s not about how you connect but how to stay connected - and don’t mind how anybody else gets there, just love him or her for doing it! See the love of the Creator in all humans, regardless of religion or doctrine.

Communication with GOD

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