The greatest spiritual book

Your greatest spiritual book in this lifetime will be the one, that pushes you the most towards the light.

Many books have been written in the old energy before the shift of 2012 about principles and techniques, that lead one closer to the Creator and many people found their own little treasure.

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda is not only a loving story of amazing events creating a feeling of home, it also touches in one chapter the hidden secret of Yoga, the Kriya.

The Kriya is a scientific exercise to enhance breath and flow of energy through the spine and thereby enhancing the whole cellular structure of the human body.

Yogananda describes the Kriya Yoga as the "Highway to Heaven" and from my own experience, I cannot agree more. With relatively little regular effort in meditation, one can achieve permanent union with the Creator within a few years.

Autobiography of a Yogi is a treasure worth reading and Kriya Yoga is a secret, worth mastering. The Kriya Yoga of Yogananda's grandmaster, the Avatar Babaji, is taught today worldwide by several groups and is easily accessible. Love and light.

Greatest Spiritual Book

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