"After our previous session I am much more calm and collected at work, sleep well at night and don't experience that feeling of total hopelessness anymore."

Arnold, Namibia

"Since the healing I have done hectic gym classes, spent hours cycling and horse riding... ALL the pain and stiffness from my hip injury has totally vanished - THANKS!"

Claire, Namibia

"Today's session was a gentle reminder of all these things that I have based my life on and my work. I can feel the spirits are there. There is a spark... and a sense of hope."

Diane Marie, USA

"It's kinda funny sitting here with the feeling that the top of my head would like to detach itself from my body and go somewhere else."

Don, Namibia

"Habe es sehr intensiv wahrgenommen - spüre jetzt vor allem meinen Rücken, als ob sich dort jetzt ein Block löst. Habe Mantren gehört, alles wunderbar, spüre auch mehr Energie."

Esther, Germany

"First I felt kind of nauseous when your hands were near my heart. I could see a diffuse light when your hands went past my eyes. After you blew the “wizard weed” (White Sage) over me, I could see kind of dark waves going out of me, like smoke or something like that and I felt the need to hold to the stone in my left hand. Then I felt like you were pulling something out of my stomach. I could feel vibrations when you were touching my feet and my fingers. In the end the light became very strong, like a ball, it was dazzling."

Fanny, South Africa

"I don't seem to see other colours except white light and gold when the healing is going on. There was that old man, long hair and beard and long robe, very tall and straight - he seemed to be the 'master' - standing on the right side of the bed the whole time with arms outstretched. At one point there was a huge light-body angel - very gold colour. The more I’m with you, the more I am allowed to see and experience. Thank you for the opportunity and letting me be part of the process."

Gabi, Namibia

"After the CHI course I got so spaced out that I walked out in my socks and left my shoes there."

Gavin, Namibia

"After our meetings I keep feeling an awareness coming from my hands and feet, a constant slow, warm and pleasant flow of energy that makes me wonder."

Irene, Ethiopia

"The session was great. Thank you very much for it! First felt my left leg being pulled long and the right one pushed back. Right calves started hurting and became quite uncomfortable for a while, later my shoulders/arms did the same pushing and pulling thing. Calves were fine then and I went quite far away, was lovely. Definitely didn’t want to surface when you said its time to get up. :-) Your hands got really hot in the beginning around my heart chakra, felt nice."

Jutta, Germany

"My ankle and foot felt really weird just after the healing session. It was as if it had just been sprained and was starting to swell dramatically. Lasted a few minutes (did not swell) and went away. But have also felt a bit of pain radiating down to the fourth toe, think that was part of the upset ligament. Now feeling much better, thank you."

Kim, Namibia

"The treatment was out of this world… for me… WOW! A superb experience… Did feel so great when I left, but had a total emotional “attack” - tears all over, can’t tell you why. I feel very good, 1000 Thanks!"

Kristina, Namibia

"Just want to thank you again for all the healing sessions you’ve done with me. I have experienced quite an improvement in my personal life."

Marita, Namibia

"Es wird dich nicht erstaunen, aber ich wollte dir dennoch mitteilen, dass meine Hüftschmerzen gestern verschwunden sind, irgendwann nachdem ich bei Dir weggegangen bin. Ich war emotional den ganzen Tag super drauf! Total gut!"

Molly, Namibia

"My body felt incredibly heavy and my head was as light as a feather. Like I said I got that headachy type thing behind my eyes, but I sort of worked it out that something there was being opened up because the next thing I was blinded by all this white light. The last part of the session was just white and right at the end when you stopped purple again. I really didn’t want to get off that bed and join the real world."

Maureen, Namibia

"We so loved having you here and little did I imagine how wonderful your stay would be. You touched a lot of lives and I think that you seriously made a difference not only to me, but to Lawrence, who had not experienced healing before."

Sally, South Africa

"Hey by the way, my back is still in good condition, so your magic is still working!"

Stephanie, New Zealand

"During the session I could really let go of fear and past hurts, I see them now as lessons learned not to make the same mistakes again. The light being I saw, was very comforting to me! This experience was an eye-opener to me and I could feel the universal energy that you channeled was of pure love, it made me understand that everything has purpose."

Taritha, Namibia

"Seit Du meinen Kopf behandelt hast, sind die Nebenhöhlen frei und ich habe mich seither so viel besser gefühlt."

Tina, Namibia

"You have been amazing, and I have no words to thank you for all the times you have committed to my healing process."

Tony, Namibia

That was an amazing session - thank you!

Dianne, Namibia

I feel whole and energetic and my back feels normal…

Dhyani, Namibia

Apart from radiating vibrantly I feel really connected. I am quite amazed how my whole body was vibrating during our session and how feather light I felt. And on top of that all the different light colours I could see was amazing. I wish I could stay on that frequency all the time…

Carmen, Israel

I am feeling so much better, on many levels. My solar plexus is much calmer, my back better and very fascinating, the torn muscle behind my rips is fixed. I am amazed and in awe!

Nastja, Germany

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